Children’s rights in a separation

This recommendation deals with the separation and divorce from the view of what the children need from the parents. It is designed to help them use the best available information related to the needs of children whose parents no longer live together. If this information is integrated with their own experience as parents, it can help to avoid some common mistakes and ease the adaptation of the children.

Children have the right to:

  • Develop and keep an independent relationship with each parent.
  • Keep out of the conflict between parents.
  • Avoid decision making which is not within their capability of making and are in effect the responsibility of their parents such as: where and with whom the child should live and how much time they must spend with each parent.
  • Not to have to take sides with one of the parents, defend or underestimate either of the parents.
  • Be guided, fed and educated by each parent, without the interference of the other.
  • Have their financial needs covered by both parents,  without considering how much time they spend with each one.
  • Enjoy the company of each parent regardless of other matters such as the financial contribution.
  • Have their own space in each of their parents’ homes.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with other adults (family, new couples, etc.), as long as these don’t interfere in the relationship with their parents.
  • Trust that both parents meet the commitments decided at the time of the separation, both financial and emotional toward their children.

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