What is the process to follow in mediation?

The process followed from the moment that family mediation is sought, is one of common sense. From the first moment, both parties are informed of the details of the process. During the first informative interview, the mediator will inform you of all the aspects to be followed in the process and among other things will explain and comment on:

  • The importance of the attendance of both parents at the meetings, the mediator will always interview both at the same time except in special cases.
  • The voluntary nature of the process. The possibility of stopping the process by any of the members at any time with the only commitment to attend one last interview to explain clearly the reasons for stopping the mediation process.
  • The role of the mediator in the process. Explain that their aim is to act as a guide and director in the process of negotiation in order to reach agreements with respect to the new organization of family life once the separation has occurred.
  • The Mediator’s role is one of impartiality and has no interest in benefiting one party against the interests of the other. The goal is to reach the best agreement for all the family. The couple will also be informed that the content of the interviews is private, everything is confidential and the mediator will not use it in any future legal conflict between the couple, even if the mediation is suspended.

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