Parts of the mediation process

  1. Telephone interview. Through this first step we inform the caller of the characteristics of the process and a “telephone file” is opened.
  2. Informative session. Here, the first personal contact with the person interested in the mediation process takes place. We explain the mediation objectives, methodology, duration, the mediator’s role, the commitments required, the existing limitations, etc. We also ask for information about their interests, expectations and needs. We can then make a commitment to mediate.
  3. Pre-mediation stage. The mediator decides if the family’s demand can be worked out with the mediation service. They will try to obtain information about family relationships, communication, rules and the sharing of roles and tasks etc.
  4. Mediation stage. The purpose is to make an agreement between parents and children to improve their coexistence. The Mediator not only takes the lead in the session but will also help the family identify areas where they agree or disagree. The mediator will express and listen to the different points of view and find more positive and effective solutions through different strategies and techniques.
  5. Evaluation and monitoring stage. Once the process is finished the family is invited to come to one or more monitoring sessions to evaluate the effectiveness of the process, in order to solve any doubts or conflicts and reinforce the positive work and efforts made.

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