Female genital mutilation awareness workshops

For a long time, female sexuality has been related only to reproduction and has been ignored and subjugated to male sexuality in what refers to pleasure, communication and wellbeing. Female genital mutilation and the invisibility of this reality in society are examples of this. We know which communities, mainly African, still practice female genital mutilation. Awareness and information workshops are for people from countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Mali, Gambia, Egypt or Sudan, where female genital mutilation is practiced on more than 75% of women and girls. This work has also been done within other collectives affected by this practice.

We find a strong resistance from woman and men that come from cultures where female genital mutilation is practiced, especially from those who know the Spanish legislation on this issue. Because of this, it is important to do the training with content related to sexual health, pregnancy and lactation care and disease prevention in order to attract people to our workshops. Working with issues such as sexual anatomy, sexual rights and conditions to achieve acceptable sexual health make the participants aware of the negative consequences of this practice for women and for the whole community. The approach should be progressive and with cultural flexibility, promoting the change of habits and minimizing intercultural rejection and conflict.

Awareness and informative workshops on female genital mutilation last approximately two or three hours depending on the number of participants and the availability of the organizers. They take a progressive approach to these issues with an active and participative methodology, adapting the content to each group. Workshops take place all over Spain with no cost for the participant. Even though we work separately with men and woman, training sessions are planned for both sexes.


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