Other activities

Accompanying work and information for families that are part of the communities where this practice is done.

With the mediators collaboration with whom UNAF Works, we try to reach families and women coming from ethnic groups where female genital mutilation is practiced nowadays to make them conscious of the risks of this practice and inform them of the structure and function of the clitoris; as well as about legislation in Spain about this practice. This way, the main purpose is to prevent families in Madrid from doing this practice.

If you know women or families interested in receiving this information, if you World like to develop this activity in cooperation with your organization or if you have detected the need to work in a specific situation, you can contact us at immigrationandsexuality@unaf.org

Accompanying work and social and health support with women that have suffered from female genital mutilation.

Not only prevention, this program also includes intervention with women with whom female genital mutilation has been practiced during childhood. Physical, psychological and social consequences of this practice are numerous and sometimes serious. That is why this program tries to help all those women that need it.  Accompanying to health services, socially, educationally and psychologically. It is done by intercultural mediators, to help understanding with professionals and transmit the importance to access these services.

If you know women interested in receiving this information, if you would like to develop this activity in cooperation with your organization or if you have detected the need to work in a specific situation, you can contact us at immigrationandsexuality@unaf.org

Meetings with specialists.

Female genital mutilation is an issue studied thoroughly not so long ago. This fact, coupled with difficulties to access updated information and data from communities where it is practiced makes exchange of information with other professionals that work in this area very difficult.

This program includes gatherings with specialised professionals in intervention and prevention in female genital mutilation in the different perspectives from which it is studied: legally, educational, social, health etc. During the year, meetings are organized and we attend different forums for professionals and researches to keep updated information and knowledge of trainers, intercultural mediators and updated our data.

Conference for awareness and to give information for professionals and organizations that work with communities in risk of suffering from female genital mutilation.

During 2012, UNAF organized a new event. The I Conference on prevention and intervention on female genital mutilation. Orientated to professionals that work with immigrant people, organizations and other services that work with communities that practice female genital mutilation and other change agents interested. The Conference is programmed for October and pretends to be the first between many other experiences to exchange experiences and information on female genital mutilation.

If you are interested in participating as speaker, you would like to give us recomendations or you would like to suggest any sort of collaboration with us, attend any the conference, you can contact us in inmigracionysexualidad@unaf.org 

Training and networking with intercultural mediators.

Continuous training and the actualization of knowledge is a very important task for any profesional. For intercultural mediators, learning new contents and strategies that enrich the work they do is crucial.

During the year, at least, one mediator of each sex in legislation and intervention of female genital mutilation, strategies of work in groups with men and women, communication skills, etc. We also count with these profesionals for the rest of activities Developer, as facilitator agents in the mediation process.

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