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Education and sexual health workshops for immigrant people

These workshops are for both men and women. We usually work with men and women separately so that we can reach a larger number of participants, of all nationalities and beliefs. Training sessions last 2 or 3 hours and are carried out in a private and communicative atmosphere so all participants express themselves freely. The program can be adapted to participants’ needs and reality thanks to the work of opening communication channels so they express their concerns, knowledge, interests and doubts.

The debate, reflection and solution of specific problems suggested by either the audience or the professionals is the normal methodology employed. This is completed with the explanation about concepts that can be the key to solving some difficulties. The purpose of these training sessions is to promote healthy and free behavior to reduce risks and let participants enjoy a pleasant and positive sexuality.

Workshops are focused on different issues that are negotiated with the training organizers. Issues are: family planning, hygiene and women’s health, conflict solving in sexual practices, parenthood, relationships and co-responsibility, communication skills especially in sexual issues, self-confidence and self-esteem etc. As with other activities, these workshops take place throughout tthe Spanish territory and are free of charge.

For further information about workshops or if you are interested in organizing one with UNAF, please contact us:

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